The big Lemon

The big lemon tree was afraid that these mountain plants with flowers more beautiful than itself
would shake its throne in the garden. After all, his little white flowers wouldn’t even go unnoticed
next to the mountain flowers. However, the lemon tree was trying to be the most favorite product of

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the garden. The little tree looked at this situation very differently. He had no fear of thirst, and he
had never doubted that the power that had given him this life would also give him the water he
needed to live. She had never been in a hurry to brag about her size and beauty. When the same
offer was made to her, she accepted without hesitation. He also expressed his happiness to the

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flowers with nice words. Moreover, he caressed their hearts by saying that their presence would save
him from loneliness. Contrary to the jealous nature of the big tree, which could not tolerate others,
the small lemon tree believed that it would enhance the beauty of every beauty. Thus, the seeds of
the mountain flower took their place around the small lemon tree. When their seeds sprouted after a


while and then bloomed, they formed the best corner of the garden. The little lemon made a
sacrifice to shed even its leaves that block the sun in order to make this beauty shine even more. The
gardener, who was looking for the source of this scent, was very happy when he came across the

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mountain flowers. The gardener, who was also praised by the owner for this fragrant scent, gets up
early in the morning and comes to the fragrant flowers, pays special attention to them, first feeds
them with fertilizer, waters them, and then takes care of other flowers and trees. They shared every
piece of fertilizer put on the ground for them, every drop of water that was spilled, with the little
lemon tree. The lemon tree, which forgot hunger in this abundance and got water up to the end of its
branches, became a little stronger every day. As the weak branches turned into strong branches, all
its formlessness disappeared. The love of the little lemon tree for flowers made such a strong

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comeback that by spring it had become the biggest tree in the garden. The bees were constantly
flying around it to get honey from it, the butterflies that settled on its branches added to its beauty.
The big lemon tree had now become the weakest tree in the garden. On the one hand, the feeling of
jealousy that he could not get rid of, on the one hand, was drying him out day by day. Once upon a
time, there was a crow who was bored with his monotonous life. One day, the crow, who is obsessed
with it, has decided to leave everything behind and run away from his house. He went a long way and
finally came to a farm. While he was looking at the farm with curiosity, he saw the peacocks. Unlike
him, their feathers were colorful. The crow liked them so much that he could not bear to look at
them from afar and went to them. He asked them who they were and one of them replied that we
are peacocks ugly and they walked away laughing among themselves. But for now, he had no choice
but to go home because he was hungry. As time passed, the crow became obsessed with this subject
and began to secretly watch the peacocks. When he saw the feathers of the peacocks, he was blown

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away with happiness because now he would stick those feathers to his tail and be like them.
Everyone should see this, the crow thought, smugly flying over to the other crows. He said to them,
“Look, black ugly crows, my feathers are prettier than all of you, I detest all of you.” Other crows
began to laugh, “cack cackling.” Then the crow said, “What a funny flock of idiots.” Other crows said,
“Even if they hit a golden saddle on a donkey, a donkey is still a donkey.” Then the angry crow said, “I
will not deal with you anymore.” and left from there. The crow thought he should hang out with
them if he was going to be like a peacock. He found a way to get among the peacocks. No peacocks
noticed him at first.Crow was trying to adjust to his new life. He walked like them and acted like
them. The crow was trying to go a little further and sound like them. But it would be an old habit of
“gak! cack!” she cried. Thereupon, the peacocks, who were not already warmed to the new member
of the group, gathered around the crow.The peacocks, who had the opportunity to take a closer look
at the crow, realized that they had been deceived, and took their feathers back one by one and drove
the crow away. The crow, who was left alone, thought, “What should I do, so that I can go home too,
and went home. When the other crows saw that the cursing crow was coming back, they did not take
it between them. The crow, crying, ran away into the forest and died of sadness.