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When it comes to purchasing brewing equipment, buying a filter coffee machine or equipment is much cheaper than buying a full-blown espresso machine. For this reason, buying a filter coffee machine/equipment would be a much more logical and effective choice, especially if you are just starting out. For filter coffee, brewing equipment, filter paper and a mug (as well as a scale and thermometer, you can get an even more accurate result. you will). There are many different brewing equipment to choose from; Chemex, V60, French Press… Each of them is fairly easy to come by as a variety of materials, with slight differences between them, such as strain size or the material from which the brewing equipment is made.

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On the other hand, the price of an espresso machine varies considerably according to its features. A home espresso machine is more affordable than a professional machine, but it may not provide the same quality by not providing the full pressure needed to make espresso.

Of course, besides all this, an espresso machine takes up more space and consumes more electricity. In short, there are many factors to consider.

We seem to hear you say we can’t make espresso without buying an espresso machine. For this, the Moka Pot, the gift of the Italians to the whole world in the early 1900s, is the answer you are looking for. A simple stovetop brewing equipment, the Moka Pot will allow you to make your espresso according to your taste with a pressure of 1.5 bar. If you want to go into the details, don’t forget to take a look at our article about Moka Pot. red bet tips
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